Act to become

San Gregorio’s vegetable garden stands on the hill in front of the cellar, clearly visible from the terrace of the restaurant, and represents an immediate and tangible story of the extraordinary richness of our territory. This will be a diary where we write and share the most important points of our work, from our land to the plate.

San Gregorio’s vegetable garden: a a sustainable project for organic cultivation and enhancement of the area

The healthy and organic cultivation techniques: a great system of methodologies experimented over time covers a consistent investment of resources to create a sustainable project.
Fundamental for the recent decennial, the biological garden is the most important production modality of genuineness and “organic”.
San Gregorio's vegetable garden is clearly visible from the restaurant’s terrace and offers a tangible experience toward the raw material, through the extraordinary richness of our territory. Everything starts originally with the purpose to study and analyse the ground’s elements and qualities that, with care and passion, could give birth to sustainability and certification principles.