Lounge Bar

Informal corner of conviviality and elegance

The Lounge Bar, an informal corner of conviviality and elegance of the restaurant, where the sense of “breaking” of the continuum between the environment and the “other” is even more vivid. 

The gourmet appetizers, the genuineness of ingredients, the freshness of Wine Selections, champagnes and Metodo Classico mix together for a unique experience: the aperitif, opening the door and leading across an authentic selection of genuine culinary components that identify the native territory, through experimentation and love for its fruits.

A place of sharing that embraces the entrance of the restaurant and leads guests to the gourmet culinary experience, enjoying quietness and tasting or designing intime frames.

The Bar Table behind solemnly adorns this splendid restoring place, where the glass of liquors bottles shines under the play of lights, the suggestive atmosphere and the colours of furniture.

Modulable and adaptable, the Lounge Bar is suitable to any meeting or celebration, encounter or inspiration. It uniquely fulfils the aim of making a moment of tasting unforgettable, loosing oneself into a tasting moment, where sociality and culinary experience mix together.