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Exploring Hirpinia: Gastronomic and winemaking Traditions, Landscapes and culture Into the green lung of Southern Italy

Hirpinia boasts a heterogeneous cultural, gastronomic and environmental heritage, that makes of traditions, habits and production methodologies a distinctive trait of its shape and name: one of the most famous of Southern Italy.
This is why Borgo San Gregorio, placed in this area of discoveries and soft hills, historical and geographic district of “Mezzogiorno” Italy – absorbed by huge natural stretches that give birth to memorable frames – is the ideal place and exclusive home of visitors, food, and wine lovers. The project is to make its own traditions be known worldwide, of a such rich, quality, and genuine area.

The offered Experiences and Activities combine with knowledge and inspiration the need of immersion into the relations between space, culture, and traveller, promising an exclusive stay into the heart of polyvalent and authentic values, linked to historicity, local production, environmental and oenological patrimony. The only place that throughout the complexity and width of suggestive itineraries, allows exploring the most admirable outdoor tourism destinations: the centenary local vineyard of Taurasi, the religious and historical building of Goleto Abbey and its fascinating history, passing through the Loreto Abbatial Palace, the house of production of the most ancient local and centenary liquor. Everything is made up by guided tours and tasting of partner local companies’ products which as well as Borgo San Gregorio love the direct knowledge of raw materials, its origin and manufacturing genuineness.

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