Dimora Naturalia

Embraced by the awesome vineyards and the autochthone Hirpinian landscape, Dimora Naturalia deeply holds the continuum of values and ideas along with the researching project of Borgo San Gregorio.
An authentic way to explore the territory around that embraces the beauty and richness of an essential and pure geographical panorama, out of urban ordinary.

The aim is to allow to memorable stays’ lovers, travellers and explorers, gastronomic or wine connoisseurs to keep an all-encompassing path, in full symbiosis with the inspiration of this venue’s principles and ideas, to make a storytelling possible.

The path starts with welcoming cuddles and kind gestures, with the wonderful area consecrated to our “sharing” project, through a well-equipped kitchen, coffee and teas suitable to any taste; the welcome sparkling wine… everything is thought to enjoy a pleasant time inside the flourished gardens and give oneself a harmonic balance with the evergreen panorama. Taste an à la carte gourmet breakfast sitting at Marennà Restaurant, enjoying the careful selection of healthy food, designed by our chef: a truthfully lovely location, after an intense and relaxing yoga session.

“La Piccionaia”

A totally relaxing and chilling out moment is given by the lightful and comfortable living areas, such as the “Piccionaia”, in touch with the sky above. The walls are surrounded by transparent windows that literally “breaks” the sky, making itself stars observatory by night and entertainment place by day.

The subtle progress of time stops here: the room is completely wrapped by a precious books collection for reading lovers, a Hi-Fi system for music addicted and board games for who loves the entertainment and plays.

Our Rooms


The wooden and warm elements softly decorate the interior design, pleasantly unlocking true frames to the gorgeous hills of Hirpinia, mixing the human body to a unique colourful and luminous context. Air conditioning, heating systems, Wi-Fi, safety box, minibar, Bluetooth speaker, Diptyque Luxury Hotel Amenities, Made in Italy prestigious linen by Society Limonta and last but not least, Feudi di San Gregorio and Tenute Capaldo best Selection.