Dimora Botanica

Dimora Botanica is the most artistic Wine Resort, born to mix the erogeneity of a huge and experimented accommodation project, surrounded by vineyards, paintings and art expressions.

The aim is to combine the design inspiration of the American Fallen Fruits artistic duo to a site-specific work.

 A simple but effective work of art that offers a wide range of chances and durable stays, a new way of thinking and interpretation of the house of Hirpinia’s visitors, enjoying the best technology of Forum degli Artisti, a modulable space, which provides realistic high-tech and flexibility.

Built between nature and urban, the building combines values such as operativity, hospitality and vision, to express the wide variety and richness of lands and makes the link with sustainability stronger and stronger.

Our rooms

The rooms, six in total, are a tribute to an artist-author who dedicated among years fundamental artistic projects and cultural representations of the Winery, through their ideas and shapes.

The Atrio degli Artisti is a spacious area which follows the common spaces guaranteeing the entertainment and relax, recreating metaphorically a space of collection, sharing, welcoming: an extended “hug” over the beauty of autochthon landscapes to celebrate the inspiration to nature and any element of it. An innate relation between the idea of beauty, nature, artistic aesthetic, territory and sustainability.