Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Climb towards Sorbo Serpico and you enter a “cube” that metaphorically breaks into the continuity of the real, encouraging a new look at the world of Feudi di San Gregorio

This entire world starts outside the structure, symbolically telling the story of the terroir through water, plants and an amphitheatre for dialogue and sharing. 

The winery’s underground winemaking spaces include a scenic barrique cellar, a tunnel that comes out in the middle of the vineyard, a suspended tasting room and a historical cellar. 

The upper floors are offices, a lobby with a permanent art gallery, an Enoteca and, on the roof, the Ristorante San Gregorio.

A combinatory evolution of nature and architecture, the original core of the winery was redesigned by Japanese architect Hikaru Mori, who translated the company’s philosophy into buildings through essential lines and high-impact indoor spaces and gardens. Massimo and Lella Vignelli, top representatives of Italian design in the world and “authors” of the winery’s labels, designed the interiors and the furnishings. Their brief was to come up with spaces suitable for excellent winemaking that had a vocation for beauty and, at the same time, gave the historical soul of Irpinia viticulture a contemporary face. 

When it opened in 2004, the new winery was one of the first of its kind in Italy. It has twice won accolades as an example of architectural excellence at the Venice Biennale

The winery is always open to working with internationally-renowned artists to recreate new stylistic approaches and interpretations of wine culture through art.

The winery’s hospitality facilities attract more than 30,000 visitors each year, through wine tourism offerings that include a number of tours around the vineyard and winery. 

All visits end with a guided tasting of the Group’s most representative wines, served with local products selected by the Marennà team for the various localities. 


The space has become a veritable experience “venue”, immersing visitors in the world of wine tasting. For Feudi, tasting is first and foremost about sharing not just a glass of wine but the story and emotions behind that wine.

Winery Tour

The Herbal Essences Garden, passing by the Rose Garden with more than 115 species, ending up with a storytelling into the Harvest Area, the beating heart where all the process cycle starts.

In the indoors, the artistic contributions of WINEVISIONARY Gallery anticipate the Tour of the impressing Wine Cellar, the operativity of Vinification Cellar, ending with the Historical Winery’s ancient labels and the charming handcrafted Goleto Abbey, the known local religious building reproduced in scale. Then, after a way along the admirable corridor that ends with the scenic and panoramic view to Pietracalda Fiano di Avellino vineyard, the Winery’s Staff will be ready to welcome all guests to taste wines to choose from the own labels.

An emotional journey, an experience to live.

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