The nest

A culinary experience wrapped in the natural beauty of our territory

An exclusive table: the “Nest” is immerged into wine concepts and a suggestive atmosphere. Surrounded by chestnut brunches from Hirpinian woods, it helps living and re-living the beauty of natural heritage of Borgo San Gregorio and its authentic and unmistakable proposals, even when eating.

The intimacy and suggestiveness of this little exclusive corner is thought for special moments, unforgettable celebrations and it can be interpreted as a performance of a true “cuddle” addressed to who loves feeling welcomed into a refined environment.

Surrounded by prestigious selections of Tenute Capaldo and so many other references from the world, the “Nest” is a place where experimenting a different culinary experience is possible, with an assigned menu and specifical wine paring, ending up with a special dessert.

One way is thought to make an unspeakable day: soft lights and the warmth of furniture combine together to create a room in a room…Revealing the main restaurant’s philosophy, enhancing its principles, and relaxing into a fine and exceptional environment.