An experience in complete safety

Marennà post Covid-19 procedures

We have reviewed every aspect of our hospitality to ensure that every moment you spend at Marennà can be a pleasant and safe experience.
We believe it is important to ensure safety and to give our guests peace of mind. We have therefore adapted our procedures by promptly implementing a Safety Protocol based on the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26/4/2020 and the guidelines for the reopening of Economic, Productive and Recreational Activities of the Conference of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, as well as the INAIL guidelines for fighting and mitigating COVID-19 in the catering sector.

Our premises: the kitchen, the restaurant hall, the restrooms

All our premises are sanitized regularly: in the kitchen we promptly implemented the company’s strict self-monitoring protocols, in the restaurant hall we make sure that all prescribed instructions are fully visible and create clear access routes, which are supervised, with tables spaced out more than the mandatory minimum distance, and all our restrooms are sanitized regularly.
Gatherings of people are crucially forbidden. Indoor areas are often purified thank to proper ventilation systems to help good airing maintenance and control. Moreover, our guests are pleased to book their table: 60 is the maximum allowed number of people.

Staff training

We have given our staff specific training to protect their health and that of our customers. In fact, we monitor their health conditions and temperature before they enter our premises on a regular basis, providing them with the personal protective equipment specified in the Safety Protocol.
Our staff is pleased to show the Green Certification, cd Green Pass, every day before joining the restaurant areas. It is also obliged to measure body temperature (not higher than 37.5°) and wear the protection mask as required by the current Anti-Covid-19 protocol.

Our service

We take extra care and attention when serving, providing each customer with a disposable printed menu, which is also available in digital format by downloading it from our website or by browsing it on electronic media (tablet)..
Anti-Covid-19 protocols compliance is guaranteed thank to disposable items and hands sanitization instruments inside every area or room, disposable papers, and other necessary utilities to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 disease.

At Marennà, we continue to seek out and select the best products and suppliers in the area while remaining true to the fundamental principles that inspire us, always serving high quality dishes to ensure that our guests are fully satisfied.